Jochen Schweizer Arena

The Jochen Schweizer Arena is a free time and adventure location for everyone who would like to actively experience their free time, accompanied by a high-quality and healthy range offers in the restaurant.

„The Jochen Schweizer Arena makes the Jochen Schweizer brand touchable and to be experienced"

With the Jochen Schweizer Arena, the Jochen Schweizer brand has been given a home and a paradise has been created for all those hungry for adventure. Service and quality are top priorities in the Jochen Schweizer Arena. But what distinguishes the quality of an experience? Since our first production for the Jochen Schweizer Arena, we have been in close contact with the team on site. As a result, we have learned to understand the very special requirements of this service provider and to incorporate them into our production. Highest quality and maximum safety go hand in hand here without having to limit fun and experience. Serving these demands has presented us with many challenges in the past two years and has contributed a large part to the development of SEVENSEASUNITED. Treat yourself to a vacation from everyday life, discover new worlds and grow beyond yourself.


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